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# IsekaiDev - Packager This is an backend system for a GitHub integration to automatically pack WoltLab Suite™ packages. ## How does it work ? Through the webhook system this system gets notified every time a commit is pushed. Does the `head_commit` message contains `[wsp]` or `[wsp=custom release message]` in it, this systems is going to clone the repository and automatically pack it into a valid WoltLab Suite™ package. After this the system creates a release in the repository and uploads the package as a asset to it. If the package version contains the words alpha or beta it gets marked as pre-release. # Installation Installation instructions coming soon... # Used 3rd Party Libraries [Smarty]( [Cz\Git]( [JWToken]( # Project inspiration This project is inspired of the npm package [`wspackager`]( ### Why not using the `wspackager` package? As I don't own a server at the moment I'm limited to the webhoster where i am. Because the host doesn't support npm, i needed something similar to it, so i decided to write a similar project in PHP.